HyperLabs - Lab as a Service

Laboratory as a Service - LaaS

LaaS is the world's first. Enabling our partners and their SMB and SME customers to test-drive various Provider-Optimized, Software-Based appliances aka Hyperscale-Appliances live through the internet with the view of systematically determining the right solution for their business. Available appliance solutions include: Red Hat OpenStack - IaaS, Red Hat OpenShift - PaaS, Avanade's MS Azure Stack - IaaS, OpenQRM - IaaS, JetStor RAIDIX - NAS SAN storage, Nexenta - NAS SAN with Analytics, MoxRox - IaaS and many more. 

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Each appliance available on LaaS consists of the full stack: From network, storage, compute to various software layers built to a set of best practices enabling our partners’ cloud applications to be verified and benchmarked at scale. LaaS is offered as a complementary service, partners must register to access any of these appliances running live from Hyperscalers.