Open OEM Vs Locked OEM

Only a few ODM Make Everything

Just a handful of Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) make everything Intel x86 based for Tier 1 Original Equipment Manufacturers OEM such as HP, Dell and Cisco amongst many others. Who then systematically re-brand and lock down every possible facet.

Systematic Re-Branding and Lock-Down of Every Possible Facet 

From entire appliances that come preloaded with firmware and software making it impossible to re-purpose later. This ranges from switches that could never run on a different network operating system, to storage servers where everything is locked and re-branded: From software to firmware, from chassis all the way down to CPUs, NICs, RAM, DACs, SSDs and even HDDs.

The Problems with Being Locked-In 

This problems with the traditional lock-in approach become evident in scenarios when:

  • Upgrading CPU, RAM, SSD or HDD using genuine original-makers’ parts and commodities only to find yourself locked-out at BMC & BIOS firmware level. Given that proprietary vendors make neither commodities nor the chassis nor the firmware, rather they are by third parties most think that – “it should just work” right?  or,
  • A decision is made to switch virtualization, orchestration and/or network operating system vendors because licencing and support is deemed unsustainably expensive. Hence, you purchase the new licenses and start installing, only to find that yourself locked out and unable to complete the project.  Putting such assets at risk of becoming sunk investments.

Not Intended to Benefit YOU, the Client 

Whilst the time and effort exerted by proprietary vendors to lock up third party software, firmware, hardware platforms and commodities, is significant and costly, it is abundantly clear that the process is NOT intended to benefit customers. Quite the contrary infact. 
Begging the question -

How did lock-ins by so called "Trusted OEM Vendors" become the norm ?!?

How is HYPER SCALERS HS Different? 

Hyperscalers differentiates in two main ways:

  1.  We categorically never re-brand nor lock-down any hardware component or system. Hyperscalers is simply proud to use only the highest quality chassis, components and commodities and we want our customers to know what they are getting - the best. Customers are free to select and install any genuine CPU, DIMM, SSD, HDD, NIC and so on. Our OEM customers are free to rebrand and lock things down if they want to.

  2.  We categorically never re-brand nor lock-down any software component or system or appliance-whole. Customers are allowed to swap out the Network Operating System NOS and install another one. They are also allowed to swap out the hypervisor,  orchestration, file system, operating system layers for something else. Eliminating the risks of sunk costs.   

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