Systems Configurator

HYPER-LABS:  Systems Configurator  

Intended audience -  all channel partners

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The HYPERSCALERS’ Systems Configurator enables our channel partners and their customers to customize the desired systems-configuration of our Hyperscale architecture range including: Server, converged, storage, GP-GPU and switches.

Hyperscale Defined: Hardware used by the macro service providers – Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba. Growing adoption by small to large cloud service providers. 

The HYPERSCALERS’ systems configurator tool also enables our channel partners and their customers to customize the desired systems-configuration of our Tier 1 Original architecture range including:  Server, converged, storage, GP-GPU and switches.

Tier 1 Original- Defined: Hardware currently in use, or planned to be in use by the Tier 1 OEM. 

By simply selecting from a list of pre-validated sub-system and components, users of the Systems Configurator can configure validate and deploy the systems they need quickly, reliably and at a fraction of historical costs 



FRU Parts list and NIC LOM


Tier 1 Original Servers

Tier 1 Original Converged Servers

Tier 1 Original Storage Servers

Tier 1 Original GP-GPU | Xeon Phi Servers

Tier 1 Original Networks

Hyperscale Servers

Hyperscale Converged Servers

Hyperscale Storage

Hyperscale GP-GPU Servers 

Hyperscale Networks

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Four Step Guide to Configuring Servers

This is a Four(4)-step guide to configuring Hyperscale and or Tier 1 Original: Servers.

Step 1 – Navigate to and select desired server to configure 

Firstly, navigate to the server you wish to configure.

Notice how all the options in the system configurator default to ‘please select’ and their QTY are left blank. This is called a bare bone server aka Level 6 or L6. Which includes:
• Server Chassis
• Motherboard(s)
• Power Supplies; and 
• BMC / LOM 

Level 6 Server

The aim is to populate the Level 6 server with all the necessary subsystems and components to reach level 10: Fully assembled and Tested System.

These include:
• CPU and RAM – Level 7
• Storage and Storage Card(s) – Level 8
• LAN and NIC Card(s) – Level 9
• Level 10 – assembled and tested 

Level 10 Server

Step 2 – CPU and RAM

Select CPU type and QTY

Select RAM type and QTY


Step 3 – Storage and Storage Card

Select HDD type and QTY

Select SSD type and QTY

Select NVMe type and QTY

Select Storage Card type and QTY

Storage and Storage Card

Step 4 – Select LAN | NIC Card 

Select LAN | NIC card and QTY; and 

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