Four Step Roadmap to a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Hyperscalers HGST Channel Partner Type:  Cloud Service Providers 

Intended audience - Cloud Service Providers – Private and Public IaaS PaaS Providers

Cloud is changing at the speed of light.

Running a small-medium or medium-large public cloud business in the current marketplace requires a focus toward providing points of differentiation that are highly meaningful to your customers.

Even in the context of the big three public cloud behemoths opportunities still exist to provide superior capabilities and pricing. It might seem challenging to many, but this is where we believe that we can add value and assist you to convince customers and investors of the validity of your cloud product roadmap.

These four (4) steps road-map guides CEO, CTO and cloud operators through a journey of transitioning their public cloud business over to a new state – one that is built around a sustainable competitive advantage.

Four (4) Step Roadmap

Step 1 – Adopt a generalized Multi-Cloud Strategy

Implementing a Multi-Cloud Strategy is necessary to service the compute, storage and networking needs of the entire market for SME and SMB across any:

  • Public
  • Private and
  • Hybrid-cloud application.

Recommended Solution - Start by partnering with AWS, Microsoft and Google so that instances of your software-IP become readily procurable from the footprints of these macro service providers. Naturally this depends on you building, testing and releasing machine images containing your software-IP such that they can be selected and procured by your customers from within the product catalogs of these macro service providers. 

Step 2 Commoditize Your Software-IP on Hyperscale and/or Tier 1 Original Hardware

Providing your software-IP on Hyperscale or Tier 1 hardware is a step that allows your customers to implement your software-IP within the perimeter of their own premises, thereby satisfying any strenuous security or availability requirements that they may have.

OEM-branding opportunities are available (for your brand) across our entire range of holistic appliances on Tier 1 Original and Hyperscale hardware. 

When it comes to commoditizing your software-IP, Hyperscalers offers two paths: 

• Lab to You is a laboratory that is transported out to your premises on loan with all network, storage, compute and GP-GPU systems needed to qualify your software-IP on an in-house basis. Engineering support is provided by Hyperscalers; 

• HS-Labs are permanent laboratories within our premises at Hyperscalers. These facilities are made available to all Hyperscalers’ channel partners including software makers seeking a special level of support for their PoC. 

In order to commoditize the world’s hottest software-IP Hyperscalers has developed both a design process methodology and also the Virtual Machine Performance Management Utility (VMPMU) to support development and validation of Hyperscale appliance designs. 

Appliances developed through our methodology and toolset offer SDDC IaaS PaaS SaaS providers a newfound means of efficiently activating capacity from any datacenter floor - quickly, reliably, and at a fraction of historical costs. 

Step 3.1 – Market your Appliance through LaaS.

Once your software appliance has been created and validated, Hyperscalers (with permission) makes it available to all of our enterprise-IT customers through our Lab as a Service (LaaS). LaaS is ideal for enterprises needing to test-drive real workloads on multiple existing appliances with the view of finding the right solution mix for their business. LaaS is available either over the internet via WAN (Public Cloud) or from within Hyperscalers’ network – LAN (Private Cloud).

Step 3.2 – Market your Appliance through Co-Lo 2.0 Operators.

Once your software appliance has been created and validated, Hyperscalers (with permission) will make it available to participating Co-Lo 2.0 operators. This means that enterprise customers of participating Co-Lo 2.0 operators can:

• Find and test-drive your appliance via the Hyperscalers LaaS environment;

• Attain a holistic solution price inclusive of: Software- infrastructure, IT-infrastructure and DC-infrastructure. This is possible through an easy to use drag and drop method for selecting products;

• Select a preferred operator who will operate and service the appliance from within the Co-Lo’s premises. Available options include IT (recommended), you the IP-owner or a qualified 3rd party.

Step 4 – Enable Enterprise IT

Implementation within a customer’s on-premise facility is the deepest possible form of product acquisition.

The following options exist to select a preferred on-premise operator: IT (recommended), you (the IP-owner), or a qualified 3rd party.

Cloud Service Providers are advised to operate, educate and perform a phased hand over of an enterprise’s-own cloud.