Services and Support

Onsite and phone support services / preventative maintenance services / proactive remote monitoring 

Our customers receive same day or next day support, depending on need.

Our hardware comes with a 38 month RMA. 

We believe in building tried and tested solutions. This is why our  turn key solutions go through a rigorous process:

Design and Engineering

Cloud-datacenter design starts with a thorough survey of the existing systems & facility. We then work with the IT & facility staff to identify & quantify project needs and develop an understanding of the trends and strategies required to adapt to future changes. Finally, we develop a conceptual Cloud- datacenter design from which construction budgets can be developed.

Our design and engineering capabilities span from the structural infrastructure, facilities infrastructure, up the stack to: network, storage, compute including hypervisors and orchestrators. We help customers mitigate cloud deployment risks, ensuring the actual outcome fully complies to the set specification. As a customer, you achieve a known outcome.


When building Cloud-datacenters, it is important to choose a builder who excels in strategic planning, construction and the operation of holistic datacenter solutions. The Hyperscalers services team offers the complete suite of services to deliver state-of-the-art Cloud-datacenters compromised of hyperscale, network, storage, compute sub systems, in addition to power, cooling and security infrastructure. We understand the intricate nature of both renovating and building new Cloud environments. Our team has a proven track record of delivering complex datacenter retrofits without service interruption, and we take special precautions to ensure new facilities are Day One optimised, without compromising the ability to grow and meet future capacity needs of your organisation. Having managed the construction of Cloud-datacenters for some of the most elite technologies clients across the world, we have the expertise necessary to deliver your high quality, zero-defect Cloud facility in the most time and most cost efficient manner possible.


Hyperscalers Data Center Operations support is a holistic approach to data center operations which pulls from best practices gained from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework for service operations. The approach considers seven processes and functions related to complete data center operational management:

  1. Service Operation Practices: Scope of Operational Support and Analysis Processes and Functions and How Operational Support and Analysis Activities Support the Service Lifecycle
  2. Event Management Process: Process to Support Data Center Events, Event logs, Changes including Policies, Principles, Process Activities, Methods, Triggers, Inputs, and Outputs
  3. Incident Management Process: Process to Support Data Center Incidents such as outages, equipment loss including Policies, Principles, Triggers, and Techniques for recovery
  4. Problem Management Process: Handling of Identified Problems or Issues within the data center including root cause analysis, comprehensive fixes, improvements, and knowledge library inputs for future problem resolution.
  5. Request Fulfillment Process: Approach to handle end user, organization requests for moves, adds, or changes to infrastructure within the datacenter
  6. Access Management Process: Process for server, application, database, and physical access to the data center and its assets for end users.
  7. Service Desk Function: Provides a support organization with rules and responsibilities for service support to end users
  8. Proactive monitoring function brings a piece of mind enabling your business to focus on its core competencies. 


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