About Hyperscalers

A Next-Gen Open OEM Solving Information Technology's Complexity

Unbeknown to many: Household name OEM vendors undergo a widespread and systematic lock down of every possible facet in their server, storage and network systems and even devices before being re-branded and on-sold to unsuspecting customers. Sadly-whom, bare the costs to this so called “value added work ’ or, more appropriately - “laboriously-unnecessary lock-in processes.” Clearly which, were designed NOT to serve these customers, but lock them to a path of nowhere else to go to.

‘ Unacceptable ‘ said George Cvetanovski to these mainstream-practices back when he founded Hyperscalers in 2014.

A New Open x86 Supply Alternative Free of Lock-Ins 

Hyperscalers is the world’s first OEM offering the full IT spectrum under a new open x86 supply alternative to the traditional locked vendors. The open alternative offers:  

  • Vanity-Free procurement alternative to the overly expensive re-branded hardware offered by lock in vendors;  
  • Free from hardware lock-ins. When the time comes to upgrade RAM HDD or SSD or replace faulty parts like CPU or NIC (for example) you don't want to find yourself locked-in to any vendor. 
  • Free from software and firmware lock-ins. Situations change all the time. Having the ability to re-purpose an appliance with alternate software / firmware eliminates the risk of sunk costs. 

Open OEM Vs Locked OEM: A Head to Head Comparison - find out more...

A New Efficient x86 Supply Chain. Find out more about our partner program...

The Problem of Custom, One-Time Engineered Cloud Data Centers 

The industry landscape, dominated by the competing interests of locked OEM giants meant that standardization and its inherent benefits could never materialize and therefore complex, custom engineered outcomes became the norm.
In the absence of such standards, commercial and internal-IT service providers will continue down custom, one-time engineered paths of ad-hock investments, which will, cost their internal and external customers significantly more than a standardized best practices approach. 

‘ In 2015 Anunaya Sinha joined Hyperscalers as the Chief Technology Officer CTO to solve this problem of complexity by developing the IP Appliance Design Process. (find out more)

Which is a process along with a utility, being the Appliance Optimizer Utility, that together, assist to productize IT-appliances for Digital-IP owners needing to hyperscale their services very quickly reliably and at a fraction of historical  costs 

Who are our customers:

100% of Hyperscalers business goes through a dedicated channel to market. There is always a partner-entity between Hyperscalers and the end customer defined as Small to Medium Enterprises SME or larger, or Small to Medium Business SMB or larger.  Here's a list of our partner-customers. They include: SI, MSP, Cloud, Telco, Digital  IP owners  and OEM 

Hyperscalers' 10 Core Functions Include:

BareMetal & Ethernet


Hyperscale x86

Tier 1 Original x86

Lab as a Service LaaS 

IP Appliance Design




Notebooks Touchpads


Services and Support 

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