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Open OEM Solving Information Technology's Complexity

Hyperscalers is a global cloud-to-edge infrastructure provider offering an open-supply-chain-alternative to traditional proprietary vendors. “What does this difference mean to your business?” You attain the combined benefits of vanity-free procurement that is free of hardware lock ins and free of software locks ins.

Hyperscalers provides two types of hardware architectures: Hyperscale and Tier 1 Original. Each is complete with networking, server, storage, hyperconverged, and GPU infrastructure systems. Hyperscalers also provides end user devices including Notebooks, Gaming books, Touchpads and Google Chromebooks.

Hyperscalers has developed a Digital- IP-Appliance Design Process along with a utility, being the Appliance Optimizer Utility (AOU),which together accelerates the development of appliance-solutions for use by cloud service provides, managed service providers and original equipment manufacturers needing to hyperscale their services very quickly, reliably and at a fraction of traditional cost.

Hyperscalers offers choice across two open hardware architectures: 

  • Hyperscale - high efficiency open compute equipment as used by macro service providers
  • Tier 1 Original – conventional equipment as per established Tier 1 OEM suppliers. 

Each architecture is complete with network, compute, storage and converged GP GPU infrastructure elements, and is open / free from vendor lock in. 

Hyperscalers' 10 Core Functions:

BareMetal & Ethernet


Hyperscale x86

Tier 1 Original x86

Lab as a Service LaaS 

IP Appliance Design



Notebooks Touchpads


Services and Support

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20+ Software IP Appliances to choose from 

In contrast to the use of traditional OEM vendors’ hardware architectures that are locked down and non-interoperable by design, Hyperscalers customers are able to realize significant efficiencies and cost savings that are both immediate and ongoing.

Hyperscalers’ appliance solutions are packaged complete with hardware, software and pre-built (customizable) configurations. These were all pre-engineered using an in-house IP Appliance Design Process and validated in partnership with associated major software manufacturers. Many can be “test-driven” using  Hyperscalers Lab as a Service (LaaS). Hyperscalers appliance solutions are ideally suited to IaaS PaaS and SaaS providers looking to implement their services from anywhere.

Enterprise end computing devices.

Next-Gen Open OEM that smashes-open the closed proprietary loop

The IBM / Intel PC architecture was once synonymous with open hardware standards and provided an escape route from the deeply proprietary system architectures that existed beforehand.

More recently, household name OEM vendors have quietly since implemented a widespread and systematic lock down of every possible facet in their server, storage and network system ranges and even devices before being re-branded and on-sold to unsuspecting customers. Sadly, we have now come full circle in the proprietary cycle of evolution. It is the customer who bears the cost to support this supposed “value added work”, which is really just a new evolution of the same old proprietary lock-in. Clearly these practices are a regressive step for customers, who now find themselves exactly where they were twenty or thirty years ago, locked into a yellow brick road designed for them by their vendors.

A New Open x86 Supply Alternative Free of Lock-Ins 

Hyperscalers is the world’s first OEM offering the full IT spectrum under a new open x86 supply alternative to the traditional locked vendors. Hyperscalers offers a direct procurement alternative to identical, but expense multiplied, locked and re-branded hardware offered by lock in oriented vendors. The practical impacts of this are:

  •  Freedom from hardware lock-ins. When the time comes to upgrade RAM HDD or SSD or replace faulty parts like CPU or NIC (for example) you don't want to find yourself locked-in to any vendor. 
  •  Free from software and firmware lock-ins. Situations change all the time. Having the ability to re-purpose an appliance with alternate software / firmware eliminates the risk of sunk costs. 

Open OEM Vs Locked OEM: A Head-to-Head Comparison - find out more...

A New Efficient x86 Supply Chain. Find out more about our partner program...

Rapid ICT Service productization for Cloud Data Centers 

In today’s fast paced and rapidly evolving product market, Digital-IP owners need to rapidly productize their ICT-appliance products for delivery into the conventional and hyperscale data center context very quickly, reliably and at a fraction of historical costs.

Unfortunately, the industry landscape is dominated by various competing interests of OEM vendors who have locked down their systems and components. This means that standardization and its inherent benefits are challenging to realize. In the absence of fully open supply chains, commercial and internal-IT service providers continue to travel down the path of implementing expensive, ad-hock engineered solutions. 

Hyperscalers provides a solution to this problem through the IP Appliance Design Process. 

The Hyperscalers IP Appliance Design Process and associated Appliance Optimizer Utility work together to productize IT-appliances for Digital-IP owners needing to operationalize their services quickly, reliably and at a fraction of historical costs. Additionally, the resultant product solutions embody the Hyperscalers open supply chain philosophy, meaning that they become cheaper to own and operate over their operational lifetimes.


100% of Hyperscalers business is managed through a dedicated channel to market. This means that there is always a partner organization between Hyperscalers and the end customer defined as Small to Medium Enterprises SME or larger, or Small to Medium Business SMB or larger.  Here's a list of our partner-customers. They include SI, MSP, Cloud, Telco, Digital IP owners and OEM.