Rackgo X Big Sur

Ultra-Dense 4U Disk Expansion Unit

  • High Serviceability & Manageability
  • Reliability & High Availability by Full Redundancy Design
  • Cost-effectiveness by Shared Architecture
  • Ultra Density and Flexibility
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Rackgo X Big Sur

Rackgo X Big SurFirst-ever Open Compute Project GPU serverThe brainchild of a partnership between QCT and Facebook, the Rackgo X Big Sur is the first Open Rack v2 GPU server designed to support a platform

Rackgo X Big Sur

First-ever Open Compute Project GPU server

The brainchild of a partnership between QCT and Facebook, the Rackgo X Big Sur is the first Open Rack v2 GPU server designed to support a platform for developers to use the industry’s most advanced parallel computing technology to predict user behaviors, execute pattern analysis and better make business decisions. The Big Sur hosts dual socket Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3, v4 product family and 16 slots of memory for a total capacity of 1024GB 2666MHz DDR4, while also including 8 GPU boards compatible with NVidia’s K80/M40 series that enables high powered processing combined with thousands of computing cores that excel in deep learning algorithms that emulate human brain neural networks in a datacentre.
This dynamic system can significantly advance the progress of deep learning with just a single system. The Big Sur can train neural networks twice as fast or twice as large in the same amount of time as current models on the market. With increased data and enlarged size, neural networks will operate much better and can serve a wide variety of applications including data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, image recognition, language comprehension, and business analytics. These functions aid businesses in making strategic decisions, identifying new opportunities and detecting inefficient business processes. The perfect solution for organizations with endeavours to invest in business intelligence to jump start data applications from square one or broaden initial deployments.
Conceived to be as clean cut as possible, without gratuitous differentiation, and not cluttered with any non-vital air-flow restricting obstacles that can drive up costs, this refined design enhances airflow inside the unit, avoiding the necessity of costly industrial cooling systems. Along with an almost completely tool-less design, the Big Sur is incredibly easy to service and efficient to deploy.

Form Factor
4 OU (Open Rack) Rackmount

W x H x D (inch)
20.98 x 7.4 x 31.5
W x H x D (mm)
533 x 189 x 800
 Expansion Slot
(1) PCIe Gen3 x16
(1) PCIe Gen3 x8
 Front I/O
(2) USB 3.0
(1) 1GbE RJ45 management port
(1) RS232 serial port
(4) dual rotor hot-plug system fans
 System Management
IPMI v2.0 Compliant, on board "KVM over IP" support
Quanta Datacenter Manager 2.0/QDCM 2.0 (Optional)
 Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Non-operating temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Operating relative humidity: 20% to 85% RH
Non-operating relative humidity: 40% to 90% RH
Restriction applies. Please contact QCT Sales rep regarding 145W support
(8) 2.5” SATA hot-plug drives
Processor Type
Intel®Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3, v4 product family
(8) NVidia K80/M40 or Intel®Xeon Phi™ 7100/5100/3100 family
Max. TDP Support
Number of Processors
Internal Interconnect
9.6 / 8.0 / 6.4 GT/s
L3 Cache
Up to 55MB
Intel® C610
Memory Type
Total Slots
Up to 512GB of memory for RDIMM
Up to 1024GB of memory for LRDIMM
Memory Size
 Storage Controller
Intel® C610:
(6) SATA 6Gb/s ports
SATA RAID 0, 1, 10
Optional Controller (more options refer to the CCL)
Please refer to the Compatible Components List for more information
 Onboard Storage
Support UFM
Support (1) SATADOM
Integrated AST2400 with 8MB DDR3 video memory
Yes (With TPM 1.2/ 2.0 Option)
 Network Controller
Support following QCT OCP mezzanine cards (PCIe x8) for network options in front of IO:
(1) QCT 1GbE RJ45 dual port OCP mezzanine card or
(1) QCT 10 GbE Rj45 dual port OCP mezzanine card or
(1) QCT 10G/25G/40G SFP+ OCP dual port mezzanine card
(1) QCT 56G QSFP+ OCP single port mezzanine card
Optional NIC
Please refer to the Compatible Components List for more information
 Rack Compatible
Open Rack v2
Datasheet 1
Title Version Date Size
QCT Product Portfolio v8.1 2016/04/01 4.27MB
White Paper 1
Title Version Date Size
QCT Rack System Portfolio v2.5 2016/04/01 1.63MB

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