BMS T7032-IX7

The Next Wave Enterprise Data Center 100G SwitchData center networks face changes with hardware and meetingthe requirements of the software it hosts. Quanta Cloud Technology provides a series of Bare Metal Switches,

The Next Wave Enterprise Data Center 100G Switch

Data center networks face changes with hardware and meetingthe requirements of the software it hosts. Quanta Cloud Technology provides a series of Bare Metal Switches, theQCT BMS product line, that addresses these changes in the data centermarket.  The QCT BMS product linessupport speeds up to 100G speeds on its Ethernet Switches.  To meet the requirements of high performance,high availability, fast scale out, low latency performance, and continuousserviceability in data center applications, the QCT BMS product line is thebest choice.

BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) embedded on the serveras the core of the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)architecture can now be implemented in the Ethernet switch. In addition toproviding health monitoring of the temperature, power status, and cooling fans;BMC also aids in the deployment and management of software and hardwareperipherals.

QCT BMS T7032-IX7 supports 32 QSFP28 (10/25/40/50/100GbEspeed) in a compact rack unit size.  Bylevering merchant silicon chip, T7032-IX7 is a high performance high densityEthernet switch with advanced features such as smart table, dynamic loadbalancing, and VxLAN/RIOT support. T7032-IX7 provides programmable capabilitywhich allows for future changes such as telemetry & analysis or networkoverlays & associated metadata. With ONIE (Open Network InstallationEnvironment) pre-loaded it could be used for multiple network operating systemwhich supports ONIE installer to achieve agile installation and fast responsefor the changing demand.


  • CB-EU
  • CE-EU
  • ChineseROHSCompliance_10-(China)
  • ChineseROHS-Compliance_20-(China)
  • cUL (Canada) (Safety)
  • FCC-ClassA-US
  • RoHS
  • UL listed (US & Canada) (Safety)
  • WEEE-Mark

Physical ports

Port configuration           32 QSFP28 ports support for 10/25/40/50/100GbE

Management Port           Out-of-band management port (RJ-45, 10/100/1000BASE-T)

Console Port                      1 RJ-45 console port

USB                                    1 USB 2.0 port


Switching capacity           6.4Tbps

Maximum forwarding rate           2Bpps

Latency                Ultra-low latency

MAC                      BRCM TD3 BCM56870

CPU Board 1

CPU                       Intel ATOM

Memory              8GB DDR3/ECC

Storage                 SSD: 32GB

High Availability

Redundant power supply             1+1

Hot-swappable fan tray                 N+2


Dimension (HxWxD)       43.2x440x508mm

Weight                                 9.78kg (NET)


IPMI                                      v1.5/v2.0 compliance

Serial over LAN 

SNMP                                   v1/v2/v3



Health status and hardware monitoring

Event log             

PEF and PET       

Chassis management    

Watchdog and system re-start  

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature                0~45°C

Operating humidity                         90% maximum relative humidity


Power requirement                        100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption                       443W (100% fan duty)


Safety                                                   UL, cUL, CB


EMC                                                       CE, FCC


Datasheet 1
Title Version Date Size
BMS_T7032-IX7_DS 1 01-10-20 368KB
User manual 1
Title Version Date Size
Switch T7032-IX7 Installation Guide 1 01-10-20 4.11MB
Title Version Date Size
HS Product Catalog 1 01-10-20 6371KB
Safety information 1
Title Version Date Size
Safety Information for UL 1 01-10-20 295KB

BMS T7032-IX7

  • ONIE Pre-loaded x86 CPU Board
  • BMC Built-in
  • Cumulus Linux Ready
  • ONL Ready

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