The ORG-appliance Enables Datacentre Operators to:

  • Locate and relocate the appliance from any Datacentre floor, quickly reliably and at a fraction of historical costs;
  • Administer and control all aspects of the virtual infrastructure including VM and containers;
  • Manage servers, users, storage, and high availability requirements;
  • Control all infrastructure layers through a feature-rich, web based graphical management tool.

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    Open RHV-M Gluster Appliance - ORG WhitepaperExecutive SummaryThe objective of this proof of concept is to create a Redhat Gluster software-defined-storage appliance. RedHat Gluster Storage is designed to handle the requ

    Open RHV-M Gluster Appliance - ORG Whitepaper

    Executive Summary

    The objective of this proof of concept is to create a Redhat Gluster software-defined-storage appliance. RedHat Gluster Storage is designed to handle the requirements of traditional file storage-high-capacity tasks like backup and archival as well as high-performance tasks of analytics and virtualization. Unlike traditional storage systems, Red Hat Gluster Storage isn’t rigid and expensive. It easily scales across bare metal, virtual, container, and cloud deployments. The appliance runs on virtual machines launched on Redhat’s RHEV-M IaaS. RHEV-Manager is a selfhosted IaaS which executes on the same hosts as managed by that RHEV-Manager. The virtual machine is created as part of the host configuration, and the Manager is installed and configured in parallel to the host configuration process. The appliance creates a storage volume using two or four peer nodes. It verifies the design on QCT OCP rack with high speed storage JBOD and 40Gbps data path.


    The hardware infrastructure for this PoC consists of Rackgox X300 rack. It is a compute-intensive solution designed for the most computing-intensive applications. With a total rack power cap of 25K watts, it can install up to 16 units of F06A servers that are designed for optimized performance and space. QCT's X300 features up to 64 independent 2-socket half width servers that are capable of running complex workloads using highly scalable memory, I/O capacity and fibre network options. The rack is populated with compute, storage and network components as mentioned in the table shown above. It uses eight compute nodes, two JBRs and one apiece leaf and spine switches.

    For more info download the whitepaper or Click here to visit the Education Page.


    The appliance can be accessible to the customers using WAP DDNS “”. Depending on the customer requirements; the administrator can open a port accessible via DDNS VPN.


    The appliance shows that Redhat GlusterFS solution can be efficiently designed as appliance on QCT open racks. The performance on a disaggregated architecture is benchmarked would be improved with better CPU cores and storage drives. The RHEV-M is utilized as IaaS for the appliance efficiently and it hosts a self-managing web interface; it’s a convenient interface to create a virtualized compute, network and storage environment.

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