Hyperscalers CSA Appliance Demo

Hyperscalers' CTO Anunaya Sinha demonstrates CSA Appliance: Container-Orchestration | Storage Interface  | Analytics + Machine Learning

Many enterprises who have tried to use Kubernetes for stateful applications at scale have stumbled when using the platform for services like databases, queues, key-value stores, automation and machine learning.

The objective of this project was to pre-engineer, optimise, test and productize an appliance called “CSA” that could solve these enterprise challenges.

Service providers using the CSA appliance could deploy and scale 2RU 4-node building blocks to gain the following capabilities out of the box:
- Container orchestration using Kubernetes;
- Storage Interface using Port Worx for running stateful applications tested at 950MB /s; and
- Analytics with Machine Learning using Elastic Search 

Performance Testing 

Despite the CSA appliance setting new storage records: Read IOPS of 950MB/s using SAS SSD being twice that of the nearest container storage solution 500MB/s even greater performance gains could be achieved using better CPU and faster storage in the S5S T1 Converged server. 

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