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Become a Hyperscalers Channel Partner

Each Channel Partner has access to:

  • Hyperscale and Tier 1 Original: Server, storage, converged, networks and GP-GPU infrastructure systems
  • End user devices: Notebooks, Google-Chromebooks, Gaming books
  • Lean and efficient supply chain
  • Provider-optimised, Software-Based appliances
  • Laboratory Functions: LaaS - Lab as a Service, On-prem Lab and Hyperscalers Lab Services
  • Full marketing and sales material
  • Credit terms

Why choose Hyperscalers as your partner of choice?

We know that you are busy with acquiring and servicing clients. And like ourselves, you’ve seen the technology landscape move even faster. Faster towards hyperscale private and public cloud solutions. Each cloud type makes sense, depending on the customer’s requirements. But there are many paths to creating optimised cloud solutions. Optimised for cost, performance and downtime. For big data alone, there are at least 5,000 different ways to configure the software layer. To remove guesswork, Hyperscalers use evidence to create the optimised cloud technology of the future. Choosing us will give you access to the best technology at a fair price, supported by a friendly and organised team. Get an edge with Hyperscalers

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