Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance PoC

Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance PoC

1. Executive Summary

The proof of concept creates a OpenQRM appliance using Quanta MESOS CB220 converged server.
OpenQRM is a web-based, open source, data center management and cloud platform; with simplified control and management overhead. It abstracts any cloud technology working underneath and groups all within a common management tool. This management system also takes care of provisioning, high availability, and monitoring of services that are offered. OpenQRM provides a framework and implements an open plugin architecture. The appliance does a Proof of Concept on provisioning an efficient IaaS using OpenQRM and verifies the features such as managing an external storage resource pool using its management interface.

2. Introduction

The OpenQRM is installed on QCT CB220 which is highly available, fully redundant, and fault-tolerant Cluster-in-a-Box. It is a 2U 2-node network storage appliance, featuring transparent failover via two redundant nodes in an active/active cluster enabled by a gigabit ethernet interconnections. If one server node fails, the other one will seamlessly take over all I/O activities, keeping the system up and running without errors or data loss.

The objectives of PoC are to achieve following goals:

  • Install OpenQRM on Debian using CB220
  • Virtualization with KVM on Debian
  • Setup clustered LVM as shared VM storage for KVM

While achieving these objectives; PoC does the performance analysis and benchmarks those numbers.

3. Test Environment

The test environment consists of following hardware and software components:
Quanta MESOS CB220 Server

  • CPU: 2 x E5 2620 V3 1200MHz
  • DIMM: 8 x 8GB DDR3
  • HDD : 120GB SATA SSD
  • 1G Ethernet data path


  • OpenQRM Enterprise 5.2.15
  • Debian 8.6


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