Three Step Roadmap to Co-Lo 2.0

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Making the Leap: From Co-Lo over to Co-Lo 2.0 

In the beginning of what we now refer to as modern data centre facilities, first appeared in the united states in the early 60s to house large mainframes computers. As these computing facilities began connecting with each other in the 70s, telecommunication companies began to offer floor space to such customers as an outsource service, referred to as co-location (Co-Lo) services.

Co-Lo operators went on to experience the 80’s boom followed by the bust of the 90’ then the passing of Y2K in 00’. Now in the 10’, the competitive landscape between: Cloud service providers, managed services providers and enterprise service providers have contributed to a relatively poor take-up of technical real-estate. Despite these dynamics, Co-Lo-operators, have not changed, in principle, since the ‘70s. And perhaps there was no good reason to change. Up until now: In the new Hyperscale era of service providers, automation, analytics, intelligence and devices.

Alas! The required leap is here: From the traditional Co-Lo-1.0 owned functions of: Space, power and cooling, over to Co-Lo 2.0: Providing everything enterprise-IT and cloud service providers will need, to turn around a service.

Three Step Roadmap to Co-Lo 2.0

Step 1 – Register and Download the Hyperscale Solutions Designer App

Step 2 – Import your Technical-Real-estate Layout and Update its Availability

Step 3 – Go live with LaaS Lab as a Service and Start Collaborating

Brief on the Hyperscale Solutions Designer HSD App

Ask about the limited-available Co-Lo 2.0-HSD App branding opportunities  

The Hyperscalers Solutions Designer HSD App automates:

• Collaboration between key industry user groups leading to real projects;
• Design and ordering;
• Delivery
• Operations and support
Key Industry HSD User Groups Include:

• Co-Lo 2.0 + Qualified 3rd party system operators

• Cloud Service Providers – Private and Public
• System Integrators; and
• Enterprise Service Providers-IT (via the channel)